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Central Office Cooling Pool Solution

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Wanma Technology Co., ltd is the subsidiary company of Wanma United Holdings Group Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1992 with a registered capital of 100,500,000 Yuan. It is one of the largest manufacturers of communication electronics and communication connection equipments and is also a high-tech company engaged in the R&D, production, sale and service in this field. The company has a workshop area of more than 100,000 square meters and the total investment reaches more than 300 million. It has more than 500 employees and more than 100 of them are mid- and high-level R & D personnel.

The company’s main product series have been widely used in multiple areas such as IDC building, cloud platform, communication network, medical field, national high-speed railway and railway transportation construction. It has long been the supplier and strategic partner of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Radio and Television, Wasu Medica and is also the high-end products supplier for renowned brand such as Germany Rittal, Japan Toshiba, Holland Phillip, GE, Alibaba, etc.

With the rapid development of the network evolution and data services, a large number of soft-switching equipment and data equipment applied in the existing network, IP network equipment set up intensively, high heat dissipation, temperature-sensitive, the original central office cooling system working method could not meet the requirements. The hot and cold air in the data room scurries, airflow disorders, so the air conditioning energy consumption waste is very severe. See image below:

To this end, in April 2005 the United States issued a TIA942 "data center communications infrastructure standard," which requires the central office and computer equipment racks using "cold channel" installation. The cabinet adopted "face to face, back to back," the pendulum place, so that two rows arranged in front of the cabinet facing the intermediate channel cool air outlet, forming a cold zone "cold channel", after the formation of hot air flowing through the air-conditioning equipment, emissions in two rows on the back of the cabinet of "hot aisle" by heat Back to the top of the return air channel air conditioning system, so that the whole room air flow, energy flow unimpeded, improve CRAC efficiency and cooling effect, as shown:

Cooling pool’s standard configure:

1、Cabinet: face to face standing;

2、Dormer sealing plate: Fixed skylights and fire skylights;

3、Channel end door: sliding door or pulling doors;

4、The fire control system: smoke, temperature and humidity, access control

When the engine room of a fire or smoke alarm, fire control system, fire protection system before the start, the first electromagnet off flap, flap quickly open due to gravity, this time, the fire-fighting system startup, extinguishing gas from the flap at enter a confined space, to achieve the purpose of extinguishing.


1. Modularity: every two cabinets and constitute a module with a roof; channels are at both ends of the door and a plurality of modules; can easily add and reduce module without affecting the closed cooling channel; 

2. Intelligent: passage through the skylight at the top of the fire box and fire linkage intelligent control; open automatically upon receipt of a fire signal 

3. Security: access doors and skylights made of high quality steel and tempered glass, non-flammable; comply with fire safety requirements, safe. 

4. Stability: The product has been carefully according to cabinet size equipment, fitting close to the cabinet, high stability, long life 

5. The on-demand: according to site the cabinet room height and the height can be flexibly adjusted closing programs, Roof turn, half turn or stand high; press the scene outside the closed channel aisle width, optional sliding door or sliding doors;


1. To provide comprehensive energy-saving solutions, according to the site for customers to develop a flexible energy-saving programs;

2. Building an optimized IT operations microenvironment, improve application reliability; 

3. Optimize airflow; avoid mixing hot and cold air; 

4. Reduce data center energy costs; Case Show:

Wanma Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, became a public company in 2017 (stock code: 300698). It locates in the beautiful western suburbs of Hangzhou city, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. It mainly produces kinds of Telecommunication Cabinets and Boxes, Communication Electronics and Passive Optic Components, which are widely used in FTTX, Optical Communications Network, Central Office, The National High-Speed Rail, Rail Transportation and other fields.

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