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ADD: Wanma Industrial Area, Taihuyuan Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311306, China


With the purpose of serving the customers, protecting the rights and interests of users, we provide the best, the most efficient and the least demanding after-sale service.

Service Purpose:

Making customers happy is always our pursuit.

Quality Policy:

We are committed to the quality policy of “attaching importance to quality, focusing on technology and sustainable development;expanding market, seeking innovation, making customers happy.”We value customers most and take quality as the soul of our products. Making customers happy is always our pursuit.

Quality Assurance:

The company’s products are manufactured in accordance with industrial standard. Our quality assurance system passed the ISO9001; 2008 authentication. Once customers choose to use our products, we assure that the performance and structures of the equipments and systems we supply are manufactured in accordance with the technical rules and are in line with the international/state standards and suggestions.

After-sale Service Response and Promise:

The After-sale service center of our company provides 24-hr service, 7 days a week so that the technicians are always ready to listen to questions and comments from the customers. Service Hotline: 0571-63751573.

Within the warranty period, when our products malfunction, we will give response within 30 minutes after we receive notes from the customers and will offer solutions within 1 hour and solve the problem within 48 hours. When our products break down, we will give response within 30 minutes after we receive notes from the customers and send professional technicians to the site the fix the products and offer best solution.

Warranty Guarantee:

The warranty period of our products is generally three years. Within the warranty period, if the malfunction of products are caused by the flaw of components and manufacturing, our company will offers three guarantees (for repair, replacement and compensation of faulty products). If any parts of the equipments and products are not in line with technical requirements, our company will replace the parts within one week and bear the cost of maintaining and repairing.

Warranty Coverage :

1, Malfunction caused by irresistible reasons (war, earthquake, flood, debris flow, typhoon, thunder, etc), being used in inappropriate environments like high-voltage, incorrect use, abnormal operation, renovation, abnormal wear and other accidents will not be covered in the warranty range.

2、Malfunction caused by the incorrect operation of users or unauthorized technicians will not be covered in the warranty range.

3、We shall not bear any risk and responsibility if the malfunction or damage of products is caused by using the products beyond the scope of functions and other abnormal reasons.

4、When the warranty period expired, we offer paid maintenance service and only charge maintenance cost.

Warranty methods:

Phone support: service hotline: 63751573/63758433(0571)answering technical inquiries and offer operation guidance.

On-site technical support: experienced technicians will be sent to the site to analyze reasons and offer solutions.

3、Sending back to the factory: ① Customers can send the products to our factory or ask the delivery company to send the products if the malfunction of product is caused by the product itself. The products shall be sent to us along with documents displaying information of company name, company address, contact phone number. ② When the warranty is expired, we will not charge maintenance fee if no parts and components need to be replaced.

Technical Training :

Our company also offers long-term technical support and free training service. We will offer guidance to the users before or after the equipment go into service.

Customer Visit:

To ensure normal working of our products, we pay visitors to our customers and track the quality of products and give instant feedback and deal with problems occurred.

Wanma Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, became a public company in 2017 (stock code: 300698). It locates in the beautiful western suburbs of Hangzhou city, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. It mainly produces kinds of Telecommunication Cabinets and Boxes, Communication Electronics and Passive Optic Components, which are widely used in FTTX, Optical Communications Network, Central Office, The National High-Speed Rail, Rail Transportation and other fields.

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 TEL: 0086-571-6375 6205     
 MOB: 0086-139 5818 8250
 FAX: 0086-571-6375 5240      
 FACTORY ADDRESS: Wanma Industrial Area, Taihuyuan Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311306, China
 HEADQUARTER OFFICE :11th floor,Skyline Building,181 Tianmushan Road,Xihu District,Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311306, China
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