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System Integration Service

System Integration Service is about the integration of separate equipments, functions and information into inter-connected, unified and harmonious system by structural wring system and computer network technology to achieve resource-sharing and centered, efficient and convenient management. The goal of system integration is to build information management supporting platform. It is about creating a low-cost, efficient, reliable, expandable and maintainable system through cabling technology, building automatic control technology, communication technology, Internet connection technology, multi-media Application technology, safety Control Technology and Cyber safety technology. 

Taking advantage of our experience in software system integration in intelligent transportation, medical field, construction and relying on the company’s excellent project management, procedure methods and tools, Wanma Technology Co., ltd offers a complete package of advanced, efficient, stable, open and safe integration service to customers and help with the risk control management and quality inspection, integrate systems and optimize cost. 

Wanma Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, became a public company in 2017 (stock code: 300698). It locates in the beautiful western suburbs of Hangzhou city, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. It mainly produces kinds of Telecommunication Cabinets and Boxes, Communication Electronics and Passive Optic Components, which are widely used in FTTX, Optical Communications Network, Central Office, The National High-Speed Rail, Rail Transportation and other fields.

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 TEL: 0086-571-6375 6205     
 MOB: 0086-139 5818 8250
 FAX: 0086-571-6375 5240      
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